About PhilSoc

PhilSoc is an undergraduate-run, department-supported society whose aim is to nurture a strong and supportive network of philosophically-minded students from all disciplines.

The Society runs regular extracurricular events to keep the philosophical fires well and truly stoked outside of the classroom and library.

Main events

We run a weekly discussion group called PhilCircle, where we talk about and debate contemporary philosophical issues or theories that usually lie outside the Manchester undergraduate curriculum.

This gives students from all disciplines the opportunity to explore and challenge their everyday assumptions, expose themselves to fresh and varied perspectives, and develop their views on important issues. Past topics include the exclusivity of human morality (‘Can non-humans act morally?’), alienation in the context of existentialism, and Aristotle’s eudaimonia

A less regular event that we are extremely proud of is PhilCare, a support group primarily aimed at Philosophy students. As philosophers, we’re often thinking long and hard about topics such as ‘reality’, ‘the self’, and all sorts of other mind-boggling things. We know that some of these topics can be quite distressing and sometimes studying them in depth can take a toll on one’s well-being. PhilCare is a space where students can talk about their experiences studying philosophy, discuss ways of dealing with the mind-boggling-ness of it all, and exchange academic advice and support. 

Another less regular event is our collaboration with PhilChat, a postgraduate-run group that runs seminars attended by both undergraduate and postgraduate students. As with PhilCircle, these seminars cover a range of contemporary philosophical issues that are largely either under-discussed or not discussed at all in undergraduate classrooms. These seminars often involve postgraduate students presenting their research, making this a great opportunity for undergraduates to introduce themselves to the world of academic philosophy. 

On top of these regular events, PhilSoc also hosts external speakers and holds social events throughout the academic year (both of which involve visiting a pub or two)! 

Find out more

All information about upcoming events can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

If you have any queries, please either message us on Facebook or contact either of our co-chairs, Maria Evaristo Cursino Da Silva (marialuisa.cursino@student.manchester.ac.uk) or Francesca Golding (francesca.golding@student.manchester.ac.uk).