About PhilSoc

PhilSoc is a student-led society which aims to promote the practice and discussion of philosophy.

Main events

We run a weekly discussion group called PhilCircle, where we discuss a variety of philosophical topics. No prior knowledge is needed, all are welcome. This gives students from all backgrounds a place to openly explore and challenge their everyday assumptions, expose themselves to new perspectives, and develop their views on significant issues. Topics are announced weekly via our whatsapp groupchat and Instagram page, and are selected randomly or via a members vote.

Every other week we run a reading group, which entails a discussion of a particular text read before the session. This is a great opportunity to delve deeper into some particular topic or philosopher, and the society's team will draw up an extensive list of texts to ensure diversity of choice.
Starting from this year, we'll host regular group study sessions at Christie's Bistro, for anyone finding it hard to focus.
On top of these regular events, PhilSoc also hosts external speakers for talks and Q&A's. We want to stimulate informed, constructive discussions around different topics, so we're always open to any suggestions!
Finally, we host regular socials at the SU bar and Turing Tap. Come along for a drink and potentially some pub games!

Find out more

All information about upcoming events can be found on our Instagram page, @uomphilsoc. For more prompt updates, please join our whatsapp group, link on the Instagram bio.
If you have any queries, please either message us on Instagram or contact us at:
severn.whittingham@student.manchester.ac.uk ; adalberto.dionisi@gmail.com