We value the exchange of knowledge and ideas with visiting postgraduate students, researchers and academics. If you would like to visit us, please contact one of our co-directors with details about you and your research interests.

Ludovica Aquili, Padova University, Italy

February to April 2023

Ludovica is a PhD student whose research explores access for single women and lesbian couples to assisted reproductive technologies in Italy.

Garance Clément

September 2022 to August 2024

Garance joins us for two years on a Swiss National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Mobility Fellowship after finishing a postdoctoral fellowship where she did research on power relations in domestic space at EFPL. Her fellowship how different perceptions of housing comfort can alternatively trigger or silence political claims, protests and legal actions. In the light of the dramatic increase of energy prices, the research will start with a focus on thermal comfort and examine how it is framed by low- and mid-income households living in deprived neighbourhoods of Greater Manchester. Garance will also investigate the “Don’t Pay campaign”, urging people to rise against electricity and gas bills.   


Professor Yasuko Murata, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan

April 2022 to January 2023

Yasuko's research during this visit is a cross-national comparative study of infant feeding, care and motherhood in Japan and England, investigating government policies, cultural norms and the practices of mothers. 

Yasuko's research profile on the Kwansei Gakuin University website. 

Dr Deborah Dempsey, Swinburne University, Australia

September 2019

Deborah joined us to shared her research on families created via adoption or assisted reproductive technologies. Deborah's page on the Swinburne University website

Outi Alakärppä, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

1 March to 30 April 2019

Outi's PhD research is exploring young Finnish women's experiences of work-life balance as they enter an often precarious job market with a young family.  

Dr Eija Sevon, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

July-August 2018

Eija's page on the University of Jyvaskyla website

Kris Natalier, Flinders University, Australia

14-25 May 2018.

Kris' page on the Flinders University website.

Anna-Mamasu Sesay, Design School Kolding, Copenhagen

16-27 April 2018, Visiting PhD Student

Anna's PhD is investigating how parents-to-be negotiate consumption decisions in relation to baby clothing and sustainability.

Stewart Muir, Australian Institute of Family Studies, Melbourne

19-20 March 2018, Visiting Researcher

Stewart's staff page on AIFS website.

Kinneret Lahad, Tel Aviv University, Israel

February 2018, Visiting Lecturer

Kinneret joined us to continue discussions about her research on personal life and relationships including aunthood, and single women.

Kinneret's page.

Riccardo Kessler and Michaela Sorber, Witten/Herdecke University, Germany

June 2017, Visiting postgraduate students

Both Riccardo and Michaela are studying for a PhD as part of the 'Family health in the lifecourse' research group at Witten/Herdecke University. They are combining their visit here with attending the Creative Approaches to Qualitative Research Summer School. 

Riccardo's and Michaela's pages on Researchgate.

Dr Carolina Ramirez, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile

June-July 2017, Visiting Researcher

Carolina is working on a project on community, space and belonging in multi-ethnic commercial neighbourhoods of Santiago, Chile.

Carolina's page

Dr Ashley Barnwell, University of Melbourne

July 2016, Visiting Researcher

Ashley's University of Melbourne page

Dr Elizaveta Polukhina, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow

July 2016, Visiting Researcher

Elizaveta's page on NRUHSE

Dr Dawn Lyon, University of Kent, UK

April 2016

Dawn's staff page on the University of Kent website

Melissa Verhoef, Utrecht University, Netherlands,

April-June 2016, Visiting PhD student

Melissa is doing a PhD on the effect of parental work schedules on family life and children's well-being. 

Melissa's Utrecht University web page

Dr Gaëlle Aeby, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Jan 2016-July 2017, Visiting Post-Doctoral Fellow

During Gaëlle's stay at the Morgan Centre, she is studying how people mark divorce or separation in their lives, and how their social networks change after breakup with a partner. 

Gaëlle's page

Tânia Machado, University of Minho, Portugal

October - December 2015

Tânia joins us as part of her doctoral research on the experiences of, and attitudes towards, lesbian mothers in Portugal.

Tânia's page (Opens in new window)

Kinneret Lahad, Tel Aviv University, Israel

June - July 2015

Kinneret's webpage on (Opens in new window)

Veronica Policarpo, University of Lisbon, Portugal

April - June 2015

Veronica is once again visiting the Morgan Centre for three months. During her time in Manchester, Veronica is organising an event with Rachael Scicluna on 'The Politics and Poetics of the Table'.

Annukka Lahti, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

March - May 2015

Annukka is a visiting doctoral student from the University of Jyvaskyla, where she works in the Family Research Centre. The subject of Annukka's doctoral thesis is ambivalences and tensions in bisexual women's and their partners' relationship talk. Annukka's research interests include continuities and changes in contemporary intimate relationships, (bi)sexuality and affect.

Monica Santoro, University of Milan, Italy

May - June 2014

Visiting researcher, analysing inter-ethnic couples in Britain to carry out comparative research between UK and Italy.

Darlane Andrade, University of Bahia, Brazil

April - June 2014

Honorary research fellow, working on research on single adults during this visit. 

Veronica Policarpo, University of Lisbon, Portugal

October 2013 - December 2013

Christine Roman, Orebro University, Sweden

September 2013 - October 2013

Christine's webpage

Rebecca Jennings, Macquarie University, Australia

August 2013 - October 2013

Rebecca's webpage

Karin Widerberg, University of Oslo, Norway (Simon Visiting Professorship)

May 2013

Her main research fields are theory of science and methodology, understandings of gender (in general) and time, work and body but also sexual violence and law in a gender perspective. Her recent major research project was on ‘The Sociality of Tiredness’ and she is currently involved in an EU funded project on ‘Changing Knowledge and Disciplinary Boundaries through Integrative Research Methods in the Social Sciences and Humanities’.

During her visit, Karin will be giving a seminar titled Homes instead of families? Towards a critique of family sociology traditions and some suggestions for alternative approaches on 9th May and a workshop titled From Memory Work to experience stories - for the sake of knowledge on 17th May.

Karin's webpage

Miriam Cassar, PhD student

September 2013

Sanna Moilanen, PhD student, Jyväskylä University

January 2013 - January 2014

Liciana Caneschi, PhD student, University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

January 2013 - January 2014

Liciana's research interests are youth transitions and young people's understandings of time.

Monica Santoro, University of Milan, Italy

November 2012 - January 2013

Jo Lindsay, University of Monash, Australia

11 -14 June 2012

Jo specialises in the sociology of families, youth and health. Her research interests include gender relations, work/family balance, consumption, health inequalities and social change.

Jo's webpage

Betina Hollstein, University of Hamburg, Germany (Simon Visiting Professorship)

February 2012

Betina's research interests include the sociology of the lifecourse, with a focus on how qualitative social network analysis can be used to explore relationships at different stages.

Luana Cunha Ferreira, University of Lisbon and University of Coimbra, Portugal

November 2011 - January 2012

Luana is working on a PhD thesis on the topic of intimacy, sexual desire and differentiation in long-term couple relationships. She will be working with Vanessa May and Sue Heath.

Intimacy and Desire project website 

Eija Sevon, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

September - December 2011

Eija's research interests are everyday family life, family relationships and parenting. Currently she is conducting her postdoctoral research project 'Young children's daily family life and positive parenting', funded by the Academy of Finland. During her visit she will be working with Vanessa May on a research project titled 'Children's socio-emotional wellbeing and daily family life in a 24-h economy' in which three countries: Finland, UK and the Netherlands will be studied.

Estibaliz de Miguel, PhD student, University of the Basque Country, Spain


Estibaliz has a degree in Social Work (1996) and graduated in Sociology in 2004. Her PhD Dissertation was titled "Life trajectories of condemned female from a gender perspective", so her main research fields are exclusion, inequalities and feminism.

She has also been engaged in social activism related to prison and the links between spirituality and politics.