For teachers and supervisors

Many of our free online resources are used by people teaching qualitative (and mixed) methods courses in universities and colleges, as well as by people supervising PhD students.

This page is a selection of our resources which have proved particularly popular as teaching resources.

Using method "X"

For a "real life" introduction to the practical side of using particular qualitative research methods, see our toolkits:

Facet methodology and mixed methods

Facet methodology is a new model for mixed method research, developed at the Morgan Centre, which combines different methodological/substantive 'facets' to cast light on a topic or question.

Older, but still popular, resources on mixed methods include:

Writing with your data

A particularly tricky part of any project. These resources might be useful:

The 'coal face' of qualitative research

Some resources on the practical aspects of social research often missing from more formal literature!

Other publications and resources

Some key methodological publications which aren't available for free from this website, but might be accessible through your institution's library