Relationalities, friendship and belonging

A great deal of contemporary research and policy assumes that we live our lives as disconnected individuals, but in Morgan Centre our view is that this couldn't be further from the reality of people’s experience.

In various projects we have been interested to explore contemporary connections and ‘Family Practices’. For example, in our Under the Same Roof project, we ask what kinds of relationships develop between people who live in shared or co-operative housing?

In our Critical Associations project we ask how people experience the ups and downs of friendship, and why is it that people sometimes stick with friendships that are draining or toxic?

What is the social significance of acquaintanceship? In our Inter/generational dynamics project we looked at how older people experienced relationships with other generations, both within and beyond their own families.

The Global Denim project, led by Danny Miller at UCL and Sophie Woodward here at the Morgan Centre is a focal point for research from around the world on the jeans and denim.