PhD students

Postgraduate researchers linked to the Morgan Centre.

Current students

Recently graduated

  • Jaime Garcia Iglesias (2020)
  • Hannah Haycox (2020)
  • Jessica Mancuso (2020) - 'Sapphic space scarcity: How space and place affect subculture visibility'
  • Cedomir Vukovic (2020)
  • Neta Yodovich (2020) - '"Does that make me a bad feminist?" - Feminist paradigms in female fandom'
  • Jingran Yu (2020)
  • Ali Siles Barcenas (2019) - 'Mormon men masculinity: a qualitative analysis of religious normativity, secular representations of masculinity and their influence in males' subjectivity'
  • Rachel Katz (2019) - 'Grinding their gears?: Effects of tourist using Grindr on local LGBT+ communities
  • Laura Fenton (2018) - Women and alcohol in postwar and contemporary Britain: A multi-generational study of women's drinking biographies
  • Emma Fraser (2018) - 'Self and ruin: Imagining the end of the city'
  • Andrea Lizama Loyola (2018) - 'Aspirations and practices of consumption as social mobility trajectories: A comparative perspective of the Latin American middle classes'
  • Denisse Sepulveda Sanchez (2018) - 'The relation between indigenous identity and class identity: The case of Mapuche indigenous people in the Chilean urban context'
  • Kunnaya Wimooktanon (2018) - An examination of the socio-cultural reintegration of foreign-educated high SES Bangkokians
  • Alejandro Marambio-Tapia (2017) - 'The retail banking expansion in Chile and the "democratisation" of credit: Juggling with cards, aspirations and moralities'
  • Kirsty Morrin (2017) - '"Business as usual?": Aspirations, social mobility and entrepreneurship in a North West academy'
  • Onur Arun (2016) 'A Sociological application of Sen's capability approach to (dis)advantages in Turkey'
  • Gagun Chhina (2016) 'The Emergence of Video Gaming in India'
  • Adi Moreno (2016) 'Crossing borders: Remaking gay fatherhood in the global market'