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The Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis

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Forthcoming book 

  • Crossley Nick. 2020, Connecting Sounds. Manchester University Press. 

Recent books 

  • Bellotti E., 2014, Qualitative networks. Mixed methods in sociological research, Routledge, London
  • Bellotti E., Amicizie. Le reti sociali dei giovani single, 2008, F. Angeli, Milano (Friendships. The social networks of single youth).
  • Bellotti E., Beltrame L., Volontè P., Il campo sociale della fisica particellare in Italia. Uno studio sociologico, 2008, Bolzano University Press, Bolzano (The social field of particle physics in Italy. A sociological study).
  • Borgatti S. Everett M., Johnson J., 2013, Analyzing social networks. London: Sage. eScholarID: 194888
  • Crossley, N, Bellotti, E, Edwards, G, Everett, M, Koskinen, J and Tranmer, M (2015) Social Network Analysis for Ego-Nets, London, Sage.
  • Crossley, N. (2014) Networks of Sound, Style and Subversion: the Punk and Post-Punks Musical Worlds of Manchester, London, Liverpool and Sheffield 1976-1980, Manchester University Press.
  • Crossley, N. (2011) Towards Relational Sociology, London, Routledge.
  • Crossley, N, McAndrews, S and Widdop, P. (2014) Social Networks and Musical Worlds, London, Routledge.
  • Lusher, D., Koskinen, J., Robins, G. Lusher, D., Koskinen, J., Robins, G. ed. Exponential Random Graph Models for Social Networks. Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2013. eScholarID: 147754

Academic journal papers

  • Amati, V., Shafie, T., & Brandes, U. (2018). Reconstructing archaeological networks with structural holes. Journal of archaeological method and theory, 25(1), 226–253.
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