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The Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis

PhD students

What topic?

We welcome research proposals across a broad range of research areas. In particular, we are interested in research proposals that relate to our following areas of expertise.

  • Data collection and different data types for social network analysis
  • Longitudinal networks and network formation
  • Descriptive methods and visualisation
  • Statistical modelling of social networks
  • Mixed methods for social networks
  • Social networks and social movements
  • Social networks and health
  • Social networks and consumption
  • Social networks and cultural production
  • Covert social networks

Current PhD students

  • Ella Guest
  • Joe Watson
  • Dorrotya Hoor
  • Daryl Sweet


  • Chiara Broccatelli
  • James Coutinho
  • Dharmi Kapadia
  • Elizabeth Carley
  • Daniel Tischer 
  • Sarah Samdani
  • Daniela D'Andreta
  • Kathryn Oliver
  • Susan O’Shea
  • Suzanne Vaughan
  • Rachel Stevenson

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