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The Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis



Datasets compiled as part of the project are available here.

Working papers

Kathryn Oliver, Nick Crossley, Gemma Edwards, Johan Koskinen, Martin Everett.
Covert networks: structures, processes and types (PDF)


Gemma Edwards, Kathryn Oliver, Martin Everett, Nick Crossley, Johan Koskinen, Chiara Broccatelli
Covert networks: theories and applications of network analysis (PDF)

Kathryn Oliver, Gemma Edwards, Nick Crossley, Johan Koskinen, Martin Everett
Covert network data: a typology of effects, processes, practices and structures (PDF)

Chiara Broccatelli (PhD candidate)
Investigating covert networks (PDF)

The purpose of this work is to compare a criminal network reconstructed by police wiretapping of communication exchanges (2nd group) with a terrorist network reconstructed by considering co-occurrence ties (3rd group).