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Past events



21 November 2018, Williamson 4.07 at 1.30pm

Dr Senthorun Raj, Keele University

'Alleviating Anxiety and Cultivating Care: Young Trans People in the Family Court of Australia'


27 September 2018, University Place, Room 3.213 

Karen Jaehrling, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany 

'German public procurement regulation and its interplay with European regulation and case law: obedient anticipation, implementation one-to-one or testing the waters?'



  • 11 October 2017, Williamson 4.07, approx. 2.00pm

Professor Joseph Jaconelli (University of Manchester)

‘“Let him have it Chris”   - What is the basis of Incitement Liability?’


  • 7 November 2017, Roscoe 3.4, 2.00pm

Professor Diane Crocker (Department of Sociology and Criminology, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

 Regulating Campus “Rape Culture”: Lessons from Complexity Theory


  •  29 November 2017, Williamson 4.07, 1.30pm

Professor Marius Smit (North-West University, South Africa)

Religion and public schools in South Africa: the Ogod case 

Professor Smit analysed an important recent High Court decision in Johannesburg on an issue of relevance to other jurisdictions, including those in the UK: do public schools act unlawfully by promoting only one religion and no others?


  • 6 December 2017, Williamson 4.07, 1.30pm

John Stanton (City University)

Metro-mayors and devolution deals: Democracy, accountability and localism

John argues that important questions need to be considered in relation to the new office of metropolitan mayor, particularly in light of local government’s changing constitutional function, as to whether these mayors are sufficiently accountable and whether their positions are democratically appropriate within the existing central-local relationship.


  • 7 February 2018, Williamson 4.07, 1.15pm

Professor Dave Cowan (Bristol University)

 Regulating housing tenures after Grenfell  

The Grenfell fire and its dreadful consequences have generated very many issues. Some are regulatory. Dave Cowan focuses on housing tenure, which is the subject of a Shelter project.


  • 2 July 2018, Williamson 4.07, 1.15pm

Professor Paul Kibel, Professor of Law at Golden Gate University, USA,

"A Waterway Repurposed": the Manchester Ship Canal. 

This presentation offered legal perspectives on the development of the Manchester Ship Canal.



  • Graham Smith (ManReg), Combating impunity for human rights abuse.
  • Malcolm Oswald (UoM), How should citizens contribute to public policy-making? A case for citizens' juries.
  • Dr Aleksandra Jordanoska (ManReg), Corporate managers as regulatory actors: regulating individuals for corporate crime in the financial markets.
  • Dr Kate Gleeson (Macquarie University, Law School), Obstacles to justice for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse.
  • Prof Rafael Valim (Catholic University of Sao Paulo), Brazil: the state of exception in contemporary constitutionalism.
  • Prof Margot McDermont (Bristol) and Martin Innes (Cardiff), Productive margins: regulating for engagement.
  • Brexit, Regulation and Society.