Workplace and Organisational Security

We focus on interdisciplinary research at the interface of the social, behavioural and computer sciences.

Our passion for pursuing interdisciplinary work is reflected in the backgrounds of the cluster members, whose expertise and interests span fields as varied as data science, financial technology, innovation, psychology, and strategic management.

Priority areas of research

  • behavioural insights for promoting cyber-secure attitudes and behaviour in the workplace;
  • organisational psychology of work-related crime;
  • institutional security and surveillance;
  • relationship between organisational/workplace security and productivity;
  • cross-disciplinary research around organisational/workplace security;
  • synthetic data;
  • mental models of risk and behaviour;
  • cognitive biases and blind spots pertaining to organisational conceptions of and strategies for addressing risk and security.

Research projects

Digital Security by Design Project: Soteria

To develop a demonstrator that will test the benefits of Digital Security by Design technology, to improve the security of e-commerce and enable the increased productivity and development of future world-leading services and products.

Explainable AI for Digital Forensics Testing

A two-year KTP project, to make explainable predictions about the likelihood of a client taking drugs based on sample data and a questionnaire.

The predictions will be used to automatically generate a report that will serve as part of the evidence in family court, hence the importance of using explainable AI methods as opposed to black-box methods.


The national EPSRC Networkplus for Security, Privacy, Identity and Trust in the Digital Economy, which brings together academics, small and large businesses, government, and civil society organisations.

The Greater Manchester CyberFoundry

An ERDF-funded partnership to support and grow local SMEs through effective cybersecurity.

Manchester Digital Innovation and Security Hub (DISH), led by Barclays Eagle Labs

DISH will accelerate collaboration between Manchester's business and entrepreneurial community, leading academics, public sector organisations and the voluntary sector to identify digital security threats and innovative responses to them.


Cluster Lead: Prof Nadia Papamichail.

Members: Prof John Ainsworth, Prof Yu-Wang Chen, Mr Benjamin Green, Prof Mark Healey, Prof Gerard Hodgkinson, Prof Elvira Uyarra, Prof Markos Zachariadis.