Our Centre is a focal point for trust and security research across the University.

Our people include scholars from all three faculties across the University.

It is led by the Humanities Faculty, reflecting the central importance of the social dimensions of digital systems. Yet, our research is interdisciplinary, involving social and behavioural scientists, computer scientists and engineers, data scientists, and mathematicians. 

Core team

Meet the team and explore their areas of interest.


Prof Emma Barrett

Research cluster leads

Academic lead for Cyber Security

Prof Daniel Dresner

Lead for Early Career Researcher

Dr David Buil-Gil

Centre Administrator

Justyna Urbanczyk

Cluster members

  • Digital Technologies and Crime: Emma Barrett, David Buil-Gil, Judith Aldridge, Peter Duncan.
  • Trusted Digital Systems: Richard Banach, Gavin Brown, Louise Dennis, Claire Dixon, Daniel Dresner, Michael Fisher, Andrea Freitas, Konstantin Korovin, Christos Kotselidis, Mikel Lujan, Mustafa Mustafa, Pierre Olivier, Giles Reger, Ning Zhang.
  • Workplace and Organisational Security: Gerard P. Hodgkinson, John Ainsworth, Yu-Wang Chen, Benjamin Green, Mark Healey, Elvira Uyarra, Markos Zachariadis.
  • Democracy and Trust: Claire Little, Elaine Mackey, Goran Nenadic, John Keane, Natalie Shlomo, Nastazja Laskowski, Muhammad Aslam Jarwar, Richard Allmendinger, Sahel Samani, Duncan Smith.
  • Advanced Mathematics: Mark Kambites, Matthew Thorpe, Peter Rowley.

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