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CSEP Senior Seminar Series 2 (2024)

“Liminality, the Law, and the Case of Undocumented Migration in Medicine” Postgraduate Webinar with University of Edinburgh and University of Bristol
7 February (Zoom) (Register here)
Josephine Greenbrook (University of Edinburgh) Respondent: Suzanne Farg (CSEP, University of Manchester)

“Navigating competing obligations in light of the sodium valproate pregnancy prevention programme”
13 March (Uni Place 6.206)
Rachel Arkell (University of Kent)
Chair: TBC

''Advance Decisions and Substituted Decision Making: Do they fulfil their intended functions?”
10 April (Uni Place 6.206)
Jonathan Lewis (CSEP, University of Manchester)
Chair: TBC

“AI Governance and Liability”
8 May (Zoom) (Zoom Meeting ID: 690 727 1575)
Benjamin Bartlett (CSEP, University of Manchester)
Chair: TBC

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