About the Centre

Our expert research on ethical issues shapes healthcare, science and policy.

About us

We have developed an unmatched expertise in health care ethics and medical law spanning the last four decades.

Founded by two of the leaders in the field, Professor John Harris and Professor Margaret Brazier. The Centre continues to be at the forefront of research in this area both nationally and internationally.

The Centre has an impressive record in collaborative research with many large international research projects. Coordinated by our staff and regular small funded workshops to explore ethical and legal issues.

Recently, the Coronavirus pandemic has illuminated the importance of health care law and ethics in society.

Staff publish on a variety of issues in this often controversial and challenging field. Such as the ethical and legal issues around topics like:

  • assisted suicide and euthanasia;
  • the role of the criminal law in medicine and health care;
  • mental health and capacity issues;
  • reproduction;
  • the uses of human organs and tissues;
  • public health law and ethical questions arising in the pandemic.


We offer postgraduate taught courses on campus and distance learning:

Current PhD students conduct independent research in all areas of health care ethics and law within our interdisciplinary PhD by publication programmes in Bioethics and Medical Jurisprudence.

All our students are an important and integral part of our research community and contribute to research and teaching in the Centre.

We also offer a number of short Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses in ethics and law. They are taken online and are available to health care professionals and non-health care professionals alike, giving you access to study that fits around your schedule. We also offer an online via FutureLearn course 'Introduction to Medical Ethics: The Impact of Disability Screening'.