Our people

Our work brings together researchers, associates, and international colleagues who specialise in the field of political economy.

Directors and steering committee


Steering committee

  • Prof Noel Castree (Geography – School of Environment, Education and Development)
  • Prof Wendy Olsen (Social Statistics - School of Social Sciences)
  • Dr Stuart Shields (Politics - School of Social Sciences)
  • Prof Erik Swyngedouw (Geography – School of Environment, Education and Development)
  • Prof Karen Sykes (Social Anthropology – School of Social Sciences)

PEC associates

School of Social Sciences

School of Environment, Education and Development

  • Bina Agarwal (Global Development Institute)
  • Stephanie Barrientos (Global Development Institute)
  • Anthony Bebbington (Global Development Institute)
  • Noel Castree (Geography)
  • Paul Cook (Global Development Institute)
  • Jamie Doucette (Geography)
  • Martin Hess (Geography)
  • Sam Hickey (Global Development Institute)
  • David Hulme (Global Development Institute)
  • Maria Kaika (Geography)
  • Uma Kothari (Global Development Institute)
  • Bill Kutz (Geography)
  • Khalid Nadvi (Global Development Institute)
  • Kunal Sen (Global Development Institute)
  • Kevin Ward (Geography)
  • Phil Woodhouse (Global Development Institute)
  • Rory Horner (Global Development Institute)
  • Pritish Behuria (Global Development Institute)
  • Karen Buckley (Global Development Institute)
  • Judith Krauss (Global Development Institute)
  • Nicholas Jepson (Global Development Institute)
  • Diana Mitlin (Global Development Institute)
  • Eleni Sifaki (Global Development Institute)
  • Admos Chimhowu (Global Development Institute)
  • Nicola Banks (Global Development Institute)
  • Ralitza Dimova (Global Development Institute)
  • Tomas Frederiksen (Global Development Institute)
  • Tom Gillespie (Global Development Institute)
  • Tom Lavers (Global Development Institute)
  • Alfredo Stein (Urban Institute)
  • Antonio Savoia (Global Development Institute)
  • Pablo Yanguas (Global Development Institute)
  • David Lawson (Global Development Institute)
  • Osman Ouattara (Global Development Institute)
  • Yin-Fang Zhang (Global Development Institute)
  • Henrik Ernstson (Geography)

Alliance Manchester Business School

  • Laszlo Czaban (Organisation Studies)
  • Julie Froud (Accounting and Finance)
  • Damian Grimshaw (Human Resource Management)
  • Leo McCann (Organisation Studies)
  • Andrew McMeekin (Technology and Entrepreneurship)
  • Jill Rubery (Human Resource Management)
  • Colin Talbot (Healthcare and Public Sector)
  • Richard Whitley (Organisation Studies)
  • Karel Williams (Accounting and Finance)
  • Frank Boons (Business School)
  • Michael Hodson (Business School)
  • Fiona Devine (Business School)
  • Tony Dundon (Business School)
  • Edward Granter (Business School)
  • Arjan Keizer (Business School)
  • Aristea Koukiadaki (Business School)
  • Stefania Marino (Business School)
  • Miguel Martinez Lucio (Business School)
  • Stephen Mustchin (Business School)
  • Isabel Tavora (Business School)
  • Roger Walden (Business School)

 School of Law

 Tyndall Centre

  • Kevin Anderson
  • Alice Larkin
  • Tim Braunholtz-Speight
  • John Broderick
  • Samira Garcia Freites
  • Claire Hoolohan
  • Chris Jones
  • Sarah Mander
  • Mirjam Roeder
  • Maria Sharmina
  • Ruth Wood

 School of Arts, Languages and Culture

  • Peter Gatrell (History)
  • Stuart Jones (History)
  • David Alderson (English)
  • Alexia Yates (History)
  • Bertrand Taithe (History)
  • Philipp Roessner (History)

International advisory board

  • Richard Appelbaum - Professor of Sociology, and Global and International Studies. University of California at Santa Barbara.
  • Geoffrey Brennan - Professor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Australian National University.
  • Robin Cohen - Professor Emeritus of Development Studies. University of Oxford.
  • Andrew Gamble - Emeritus Professor of Politics. Cambridge University.
  • Gerald Epstein - Professor of Economics and Co-Director of the Political Economy Research Institute. University of Massachusetts Amherst.
  • Laura Horn - Assistant Professor of Global Political Economy. Roskilde University.
  • Sanford Jacoby - Howard Noble Professor of Management, Public Affairs and History. Anderson School of Management, UCLA.
  • Arjo Klamer - Professor of the Economics of Art and Culture. Erasmus University.
  • Joan Martinez-Alier - Professor of Economics and Economic History. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.
  • Tony Payne - Co-Director of the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, University of Sheffield.
  • Jamie Peck - Canada Research Chair in Urban and Regional Political Economy and Professor of Geography. University of British Columbia.
  • Spike Peterson - Professor of International Relations. School of Government and Public Policy, University of Arizona.
  • Sharin Rai – Professor of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick.
  • John Ravenhill - Director of the Balsillie School of International Affairs and Professor of Political Science. University of Waterloo.
  • Susanne Soederberg - Professor of Global Development Studies. Queen’s University, Canada.
  • Diana Tussie - Professor. FLACSO Argentina (Latin American School of Social Sciences) and at CONICET (Argentinian National Council for Technical and Scientific Research).
  • Robert Wade - Professor of Political Economy and Development. London School of Economics and Political Science.

Simon Industrial and Professional Fellows