Our people

Our work brings together researchers, associates, and international colleagues who specialise in the field of political economy.

Directors and steering committee

Dr Adrienne Roberts
Dr Adrienne Roberts


Associate Director

Steering committee

PEC associates

School of Social Sciences

School of Environment, Education and Development

  • Bina Agarwal (Global Development Institute)
  • Jamie Doucette (Geography)
  • Martin Hess (Geography)
  • Sam Hickey (Global Development Institute)
  • David Hulme (Global Development Institute)
  • Uma Kothari (Global Development Institute)
  • Khalid Nadvi (Global Development Institute)
  • Kunal Sen (Global Development Institute)
  • Kevin Ward (Geography)
  • Rory Horner (Global Development Institute)
  • Pritish Behuria (Global Development Institute)
  • Nicholas Jepson (Global Development Institute)
  • Diana Mitlin (Global Development Institute)
  • Admos Chimhowu (Global Development Institute)
  • Nicola Banks (Global Development Institute)
  • Ralitza Dimova (Global Development Institute)
  • Tomas Frederiksen (Global Development Institute)
  • Tom Gillespie (Global Development Institute)
  • Tom Lavers (Global Development Institute)
  • Alfredo Stein (Urban Institute)
  • Antonio Savoia (Global Development Institute)
  • David Lawson (Global Development Institute)
  • Osman Ouattara (Global Development Institute)
  • Yin-Fang Zhang (Global Development Institute)
  • Henrik Ernstson (Geography)

Alliance Manchester Business School

  • Laszlo Czaban (Organisation Studies)
  • Julie Froud (Accounting and Finance)
  • Andrew McMeekin (Technology and Entrepreneurship)
  • Jill Rubery (Human Resource Management)
  • Frank Boons (Business School)
  • Michael Hodson (Business School)
  • Arjan Keizer (Business School)
  • Aristea Koukiadaki (Business School)
  • Stefania Marino (Business School)
  • Miguel Martinez Lucio (Business School)
  • Stephen Mustchin (Business School)
  • Isabel Tavora (Business School)
  • Roger Walden (Business School)

 School of Law


 Tyndall Centre

 School of Arts, Languages and Culture

  • Stuart Jones (History)
  • David Alderson (English)
  • Alexia Yates (History)
  • Bertrand Taithe (History)
  • Philipp Roessner (History)

International advisory board

  • Richard Appelbaum - Professor of Sociology, and Global and International Studies. University of California at Santa Barbara.
  • Geoffrey Brennan - Professor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Australian National University.
  • Robin Cohen - Professor Emeritus of Development Studies. University of Oxford.
  • Andrew Gamble - Emeritus Professor of Politics. Cambridge University.
  • Gerald Epstein - Professor of Economics and Co-Director of the Political Economy Research Institute. University of Massachusetts Amherst.
  • Laura Horn - Assistant Professor of Global Political Economy. Roskilde University.
  • Sanford Jacoby - Howard Noble Professor of Management, Public Affairs and History. Anderson School of Management, UCLA.
  • Arjo Klamer - Professor of the Economics of Art and Culture. Erasmus University.
  • Joan Martinez-Alier - Professor of Economics and Economic History. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.
  • Tony Payne - Co-Director of the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, University of Sheffield.
  • Jamie Peck - Canada Research Chair in Urban and Regional Political Economy and Professor of Geography. University of British Columbia.
  • Spike Peterson - Professor of International Relations. School of Government and Public Policy, University of Arizona.
  • Sharin Rai – Professor of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick.
  • John Ravenhill - Director of the Balsillie School of International Affairs and Professor of Political Science. University of Waterloo.
  • Susanne Soederberg - Professor of Global Development Studies. Queen’s University, Canada.
  • Diana Tussie - Professor. FLACSO Argentina (Latin American School of Social Sciences) and at CONICET (Argentinian National Council for Technical and Scientific Research).
  • Robert Wade - Professor of Political Economy and Development. London School of Economics and Political Science.

Hallsworth and Simon Fellows


Professor Laura Macdonald

Laura Macdonald is a Full Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Institute of Political Economy at Carleton University. She has published numerous articles in journals and edited collections on such issues as the role of non-governmental organizations in development, global civil society, social policies and citizenship struggles in Latin America, Canadian development assistance, Canada-Latin American relations and the political impact of North American economic integration. Her recent work looks at transnational activism in North America around labour rights, migration, and human rights in Mexico, trade and gender, and policies to reduce crime and violence in Mexico City. She engages in public commentary and advocacy as member of the McLeod Group, the Americas Policy Group and the Canadian civil society Feminist Foreign Policy group.


Professor Adam David Morton

Adam David Morton is Professor of Political Economy at the University of Sydney, Australia. He is the author of Unravelling Gramsci: Hegemony and Passive Revolution in the Global Political Economy (Pluto Press, 2007); Revolution and State in Modern Mexico: The Political Economy of Uneven Development (Rowman & Littlefield, 2011), which was the recipient of the 2012 Book Prize of the British International Studies Association (BISA) International Political Economy Group (IPEG); Global Capitalism, Global War, Global Crisis (with Andreas Bieler, Cambridge University Press, 2018), and editor of the volume Henri Lefebvre, On the Rural: Economy, Sociology, Geography (with Stuart Elden, University of Minnesota Press, 2022).

Simon Industrial and Professional Fellows

Past Fellows include: