Environmental Justice Organisations, Liabilities and Trade (EJOLT)

EJOLT is a global research project bringing science and society together to catalogue and analyse ecological distribution conflicts and confront environmental injustice. It is comprised of civil society groups involved in conflicts over resource extraction or waste disposal, which increase as the world economy uses more materials and energy. EJOLT seeks to provide a voice to those groups who suffer from the costs of development strategies and lack the political power to resist displacement, dispossession or exposure to environmental health risks. They thereby practice "environmentalism of the poor".

European Network of Political Ecology (ENTITLE)

ENTITLE is an EU-funded Initial Training Network under the Marie Curie action of FP7. It is coordinated by ICTA at the Autonomous University of Barcelona with the collaboration of 8 Universities, 2 Non-governmental organizations and 1 Environmental consultancy. Its research centres on the emerging inter-disciplinary field of Political Ecology.

Rethinking Economics

Rethinking Economics is an international network of students, academics and professionals building an alternative form of economics fit for the planet and for those who live in it. They advocate training for today Economics students which encourages them to think critically, independently and with an understanding of the real-world. Equally, they seek to demystify and democratise economics for the entire citizenry by making the analysis accessible and by stripping away the jargon.