LLM Programmes

At The University of Manchester, we offer the opportunity to learn from world-leading academics and lawyers on dedicated LLM/MA programmes.

Manchester’s LLM’s programmes are some of the most innovative and intellectually stimulating programmes available globally. Informed by our world-leading research and multidisciplinary approaches, and supported by our employability seminar series, graduates of Manchester can expect to be prepared for advanced careers in international law.

LLM Programmes at Manchester

LLM Public International Law

The LLM in Public International Law allows you to develop recognised expertise in the main areas of international law.

This course draws on Manchester's established reputation in international legal research to offer you a wide range of optional subjects, as well as the opportunity to customise your curriculum according to your career ambitions, needs and your areas of interest.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will have knowledge and understanding of the rules, systems, techniques, practices, dynamics and discourses by virtue of which international law is created, conceived and applied.

This course endeavours to offer the strongest students the opportunity of an internship with a renowned law firm or international organisation.

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LLM Security and International Law

The LLM in Security and International Law course allows you to develop advanced knowledge of the regulatory frameworks necessary to secure international relations and transactions between states, non-state entities, multinational companies, and individuals.

This course is premised on the idea that governing security at an international level requires not only the regulation of the use of force and methods of warfare, but also the regulation of international investments, international financial transactions and intellectual property.

This holistic approach to the concept of security is at the heart of this course and offers a unique opportunity for you to gain expertise that is relevant to today's changing global landscape.

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LLM International Economic Law

The LLM in International Economic Law offers you an opportunity to gain specialist expertise in a very important area of international law and global commerce.

Developing countries require more lawyers educated in this area, as the economic development of such countries necessitates deepening involvement in international trade and investment processes and their underpinning legal structures.

This course provides you with the core knowledge and understanding of the background to international economic law, the transactional conditions conductive to its development, and the specific and general problems which threaten the success of individual transactions.

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