The Manchester International Law Centre (MILC) was founded in 2014 by Professor Jean d’Aspremont and Professor Iain Scobbie with the help of Professor Yenkong Hodu and Dr Jackson Maogoto. MILC is a vibrant and successful Centre with a large group of over 30 academics, PhD students, and affiliated researchers who research international law.

In the last decade, MILC has become an internationally-recognised Centre of academic excellence, whose members seek to make innovative contributions to international legal scholarship while also providing consultancy and advice to governments, international organisations and NGOs on questions of international law. MILC also organises a number of research events at the University of Manchester, such as the prestigious Melland Schill Lecture Series and Gillian White Lecture Series and regularly hosts prestigious international research events, such as the 2018 European Society of International Law Annual Conference.


Women in International Law Network (WILNET)

At a time where there are continuing efforts to promote the place of women researching and publishing in international law, MILC launched the Women in International Law Network: The Olive Schill Society (WILNET). Founded by female researchers of MILC, this platform provides a professional community for women international lawyers at any stage of their career to discuss both their experiences in - and pathways into - the field.

Oxford International Organizations (OXIO)

In conjunction with Oxford University Press, MILC has an ongoing project of creating a database of annotated materials regarding the law of international organisations. Oxford International Organizations (OXIO) will be a unique repository for acts and practices of international organisations which are of central importance to enquiries into international law, including institutional law. As part of this research collaboration, MILC continuously recruits experts in the law of international organisations to contribute to the database.

Partner organisations

MILC has links with a number of partner organisations in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and Australasia, including:

UK Partners:

Global Partners: