Research grants

The following grants have been awarded to the Centre.

  • "Financial Volatility, Macroprudential Regulation and Economic Growth in Low-Income Countries.” Pierre-Richard Agénor. Funded by the ESRC-DFID Growth Research Programme, £320,400, September 2014 - February 2017.
  • "Inference Regarding Multiple Structural Changes in Macroeconomic Models, with Applications to Monetary Policy". Alastair Hall and Denise Osborn. ESRC, £518k, October 2008 – September 2011.
  • "International Aspects of Macroeconomic Volatility". Denise R. Osborn, Ser-Huang Poon, Stuart Hyde and Marianne Sensier. Bank of England funded project, £10,000, September 2006 – August 2007.
  • "International and cross-assets volatility dynamics and Investment implications". Stuart Hyde, Ser-Huang Poon, Denise R. Osborn and Marianne Sensier. Inquire UK Project, £10,000, December 2006 – August 2007.
  • "Corruption and Development". Keith Blackburn and M. Emran Haque. ESRC, £44,840, September 2004 – August 2005.
  • "Monetary Policy, Business Cycles and Economic Growth".  Denise R. Osborn, Keith Blackburn and Paul Madden. ESRC, Understanding the Evolving Macroeconomy Research Programme, Phase II,  £161,024, July 2001 – June 2004.
  • "Geographical Specialisation in the UK and the EU" (NEG). Rob Elliott, Federico Trionfetti, Marianne Sensier and Marius Brülhart. ESRC, Understanding the Evolving Macroeconomy Programme, Phase I, £103,082, January 2000 – June 2002.
  • "International growth and business cycles" (IGBC). Denise R. Osborn, Keith Blackburn, Michael J. Artis and Elena Andreou. Leverhulme Trust, £77,588, January 1999 – December 2001.
  • "International growth and business cycles". Keith Blackburn, Denise R. Osborn and M.J. Artis. Bank of England, June 1997, £5,000.
  • "Information, Learning and Growth" (ILG). Keith Blackburn and Niloy Bose. ESRC £23,485, 1/1/99, 12 months.
  • "Financial variables and the business cycle" (FVBC). Denise R. Osborn and Elena Andreou. ESRC, £38,800, November 1997 – December 1998.
  • "Applying neural network techniques to investigate lead-lag structures in industrial short-term indicators and investigate turning points in the business cycle". Denise R. Osborn and C.R. Birchenhall. Funded by EuroStat through a sub-contract with ERA Technology Ltd; 82,652 ECU, February 1996 – January 1997.
  • "Artificial neural nets and business cycle turning points". Denise R. Osborn and C.R. Birchenhall. ESRC, £30,980, September 1995 – August 1996.
  • "Leading indicators: forecast performance, turning points and policy". M.J. Artis, R.C. Bladen-Hovell, Denise R. Osborn and G.W. Smith. ESRC, £53,000, December 1991 – November 1993.