A team of research and support staff keep us at the forefront of criminology education.

Our range of knowledge and experience means we can offer quality expertise and support to all our students, graduates and research connections.

Teaching and research staff

Judith Aldridge
Professor of Criminology

Research specialisms: drug use, markets, and policy.

Emma Barrett
Professor of Psychology, Security and Trust

Research specialisms: betrayal, deception, credibility assessment, cyber-dependent and cyber-enabled crimes and criminals, sense-making and decision-making, threats to democracy.

Katie Benson
Lecturer in Criminology

Rose Broad
Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Research specialisms: human trafficking, domestic violence, responses to violence, organised crime, the management of offenders.

Laura Bui
Lecturer in Criminology

Research specialisms: psychological criminology, young people, violence prevention, social narratives on crime and criminality, low crime in Japan.

David Buil-Gil
Lecturer in Quantitative Criminology

Research: geographic and small area estimation application in criminology, crime mapping, measurement error in criminological research, emotions about crime, perceptions about police, new methods for data collection and open data.

Julia Buxton
Professor of Criminology

Jon Davies
Lecturer in Criminology

Jo Deakin
Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Research specialisms: control, 'management', inclusion/exclusion and reintegration of young people.

Tomas Diviak
Presidential Fellow

Will Floodgate
Teaching and Scholarship Lecturer in Criminology

Research specialisms: drugs and addiction, sociology of crime and deviance, politics of austerity, austerity measures, the impact of the recession.

Claire Fox
Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Research specialisms: domestic violence, disability and abuse and the complex experiences of victimisation.

Dave Gadd
Professor of Criminology

Research specialisms: criminology, domestic violence, hate crime, modern slavery, free association narrative interview.

Joanna Hill
Lecturer in Criminology

Eon Kim
Lecturer in Criminology

Landon Kuester
Lecturer in Criminology

Research specialisms: prisoner health, violence in prison, drug use, offender management and rehabilitation technology

Nick Lord
Professor of Criminology

Research specialisms: corporate bribery and corruption, corporate and white-collar crimes, financial and economic crimes, food frauds and crimes, regulation theory, comparative criminology.

Caroline Miles
Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Research specialisms: homicide, domestic violence, serious and fatal violence towards parents, gendered violence, responses to violence, the relationship between alcohol, drugs and violence.

Felipe Neis Araujo

Lecturer in Criminology

Research specialisms: drug policy, state violence, inequalities, qualitative methods, ethnography. 

Olga Sanchez de Ribera
Lecturer in Criminology

Jon Shute
Teaching and Learning Director and Scholarship Lecturer in Criminology

Research specialisms: psychology and criminology, moral neutralisation theory, moral development, policy evaluation research.

Reka Solymosi
Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Methods

Research specialisms: fear of crime, new forms of data, environmental and spatial criminology.

David Straw
Teaching Assistant

Fiamma Terenghi
Lecturer in Criminology

Research specialisms: transnational organised crime, drug trafficking, human trafficking for sexual and labour exploitation, tobacco smuggling (and their financial management), digital technologies in facilitating (organised) crime, cybercrime, urban security, qualitative methodologies. 

Nico Trajtenberg
Lecturer in Criminology

Emily Turner 
Teaching and Scholarship Lecturer in Criminology

Research specialisms: the prison experience, desistance from crime, fathers in prison, education in prison, Learning Together, and the response to equality and diversity in prisons.

Meropi Tzanetakis

Lecturer in Digital Criminology

Research specialisms: illicit drug markets, digital technologies, cryptomarkets, digital criminology, critical theory, empirical research methods.

Marion Vannier
Senior Lecturer in Criminology 

Research specialisms: sociology of punishment, criminal law, and human rights.

Lisa Williams
Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Research specialisms: drug use, life course perspectives, theories of risk and visual ethnography.

Yuanyuan Zhang

Research Associate, Centre for Digital Trust and Security

Honorary staff

Stephen Collett
Honorary Reader in Criminology

Liliya Gelemerova
Honorary Senior Lecturer

Bill Hebenton
Research specialisms: comparative research on 'national' criminologies, crime and punishment in China and the Greater China region (Taiwan), regulation of sexual offenders in the community

Juanjo Medina

David Bewley-Taylor

Emeritus Professors

  • Rebecca Dobash
  • Russell Dobash
  • Howard Parker
  • Kenneth Pease

Departmental Administrator

Hannah Mooney