Everyday creativity conference

10-11 July 2018, The University of Manchester

Keynote speakers

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Overview of conference

Creativity is often equated with individual artistry or genius – what we might call creativity with a ‘big C’ – but our world is full of much more humble or quotidian forms of ‘small c’ creativity which come alive in the ordinary and extraordinary, charismatic and mundane, dogged and revelatory, experiences of everyday life. Whether in the kitchen or in conversation, in our work or leisure time, creativity is part of our everyday lives, practices, imaginations and social relations.

Creativity can be at the heart of change and struggle, as well as drudgery and routine. Our humble attempts at creative expression - even our failures - can be enjoyable and enriching, stressful and daunting, and sometimes they can be life changing. Everyday creativity is, then, all around us. Our bodies and clothing, the objects and decoration in our homes, our hobbies and fantasies are all shaped by creativity, whether personal or public, individual or institutional.

We bring creativity to our relations and day to day interactions with others. Creativity is in our cultural and personal modes of perception, expression and memory. Our language morphs and changes as new concepts, metaphors, words and phrases come into play. Technologies and social networking produce and express creativity: the widespread sharing and rapid innovation of ‘memes’ testifies to everyday creativity in diverse social worlds.


  • Standard fee: £180 full conference, £130 daily rate
  • Concessionary fee - £90 full conference, £70 daily rate

We subsidise the conference fees to keep them as low as possible. Standard fees are, broadly speaking, for anybody who has funding to cover this kind of cost, and concessionary fees are for people who don't eg self-funded PhD students, retired researchers, unwaged. 

Any questions about fees, please just email morgancentre@manchester.ac.uk. If you have a disability and need to bring an assistant to the conference please email us too, so we can make sure we make any necessary preparations to help you in advance (and most importantly so that their name is on the list for lunch!).