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Social Anthropology

Finding a supervisor

Our varied research interests allow us to offer postgraduate research supervision in a wide range of topics and regions.

Explore the research expertise of our staff below to match your area of interest to a supervisor.

Dr Rupert Cox

Research areas:

  • The theory and practice of sensory media (visual, aural, material)
  • The intersections of art and anthropology
  • The role of visual technologies(graphic and mechanical) in the history of representations of native peoples
  • The anthropology of sound and the political ecology of military technologies, particularly aircraft
  • Japan, where he has worked particularly on asceticism and the Zen arts, and ideas about copying and the heritage industry

See Rupert's full research profile

Professor Jeanette Edwards

Research areas:

  • Kinship (parenting, personhood, gender, families of ‘choice’, secrets and lies)
  • The anthropology of science and technology (bodies, biotechnology, biomedicine)
  • The politics of social class, community and identity

See Jeanette's full research profile

Dr Gillian Evans

Research areas:

  • Education, childhood and youth
  • Urban anthropology, including gender, youth, 'the street', crime, working class life in the city, urban elites, the state and urban policy, post-industrial regeneration and sporting mega-events
  • The anthropology of Britain including race, class, ethnicity, indigeneity and multiculturalism
  • Phenomenology, materiality, ontology and personhood
  • Regional specialisation: UK

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Professor John Gledhill

Research areas:

  • Globalisation and transnationalism
  • Politics
  • Social movements and the state
  • Urban and rural poverty
  • Indigenous rights
  • Historical anthropology
  • Regional specialism: Mexico, Central America and Brazil

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Professor Maia Green

Research areas:

  • Development policy and categories
  • Poverty and destitution
  • East Africa
  • Health seeking behavior and health systems (including 'traditional' healing)

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Professor Penny Harvey

Research areas:

  • Anthropology of science and technology (engineering; infrastructures such as roads, canals, railways; design and construction practices; material relations; experimentation)
  • Ethnographic approaches to state formation, post-colonial politics, neo-liberal regulation and public participation
  • Space and affect – landscape, mobility, environmental controversy, toxic economies
  • The politics of communication (language practice, information technologies, community radio, digital visualisation, exhibitions)
  • Regional specialisations are the Andean region, in Peru, Spain and the UK

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Professor Paul Henley

Research areas:

  • The indigenous peoples of Amazonia
  • Paul is also interested in supervising students who wish to make film(s) as part of their doctoral research. This research could relate to any topic and any part of the world, though this supervision would always have to be provided in conjunction with a colleague who would take responsibility for supervising the more substantive aspects of the work.

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Dr Andrew Irving

Research areas:

  • Death
  • Illness and medical anthropology
  • Interior dialogue, memory and imagination
  • Visual, sensory and bodily perception
  • The anthropology of time
  • Art, performance and aesthetics
  • Experimental methods and collaborative anthropology
  • Existential and phenomenological anthropology
  • Urban anthropology and spatial perception
  • Regional specialisations: East Africa and New York City

See Andrew's full research profile

Dr Stef Jansen

Research areas:

  • Hope, 'normality' and political-economic change, especially post-socialist transformations (yearnings, expectation, despair, planning, imagined futures)
  • Anthropology of the state (state effects, borders, hegemony, resistance and compliance, senses of entitlement, ideology, cynicism, socialism and neoliberalisation)
  • Home-making and place (displacement, entrapment, 'ethnic cleansing', the (im)possibility to cross borders)
  • Everyday configurations of nationality and belonging
  • Memory (remembering and forgetting, remembered normality, nostalgia)
  • Regional specialism: post-Yugoslav states and other postsocialist states

See Stef's full research profile

Dr Petra Tjitske Kalshoven

Research areas:

  • Practices of play, imitation, illusion, and simulation as transformative forces in social life
  • Identity play and cultural appropriation in transnational settings
  • Conceptions of indigeneity
  • Materiality
  • Material culture and human-thing relationships
  • Anthropology of landscape and art
  • Skill and knowledge production
  • Ecological anthropology
  • Human - non-human animal relations
  • Anthropology of the senses

See Petra's full research profile

Dr Michelle Obeid

Research areas:

  • Social change
  • Agender and kinship
  • The anthropology of political processes (elections, the state, borders, legality) and livelihoods
  • Regional specialisation: the Middle East and Arab speaking populations

See Michelle's full research profile

Dr Madeleine Reeves

Research areas:

  • The anthropology of socialism and postsocialism
  • Political anthropology
  • Sovereignty, the state, and experiences of state "failure"
  • Emotion and affect
  • Borders and bordering
  • Transnationalism and experiences of im/mobility
  • The history of Russian and Soviet anthropology
  • Regional specialisations: Central Asia and Russia

See Madeleine's full research profile

Dr Tony Simpson

Research areas:

  • Identity
  • Education
  • Christianity
  • Missionaries
  • Religious conversion
  • Medical anthropology
  • Death
  • Masculinities
  • Childhood

See Tony's full research profile

Dr Katherine Smith

Research areas:

  • Fairness and equality
  • Social class
  • Englishness
  • Belonging
  • Policy and the state
  • Political correctness
  • Democracy and democratic participation
  • Humour and joking relationships
  • Anthropology of moralities
  • Anthropology of Britain

See Katherine's full research profile

Professor Karen Sykes

Research areas:

  • Social reconstruction and theories of society
  • The anthropology of knowledge
  • Aesthetics
  • Ethics
  • Intergenerational relations and property relations

See Karen's full research profile

Dr Angela De Souza Torresan

Research areas:

  • Studies of favela (slums)
  • Securitisation/pacification/violence
  • Urban anthropology
  • Economic morality of material practices
  • Visual anthropology
  • Ethnographic cinema
  • Migration studies/transnationalism
  • Brazilian international migration

See Angela's full research profile

Dr Olga Ulturgasheva

Research areas:

  • Social change
  • Personhood
  • Shamanic and animist cosmologies
  • Resilience
  • Climate change and environmental transformations
  • Place, locality and displacement
  • Human-animal relations
  • Childhood
  • Adolescence
  • Socialisation
  • Memory
  • Post-socialism
  • Legacy of the Soviet Gulag
  • Regional specialisation: Siberia, Alaska, Circumpolar North

See Olga's full research profile

Dr Soumhya Venkatesan

Research areas:

  • Art and craft
  • Weaving
  • Islam
  • Development
  • Description and representation
  • Material culture
  • Regional expertise: South Asia, especially India, and Uzbekistan

See Soumhya's full research profile

Professor Peter Wade

Research areas:

  • Blackness and racial identity in Latin America (and the Caribbean)
  • Ethnic social movements in Latin America
  • Constructs of nature, biology and culture in racial identity
  • Genomics, genetics and race
  • Ideologies of race, gender, sexuality and nation
  • Popular music and identity (in Latin America and the Latino diaspora)

See Peter's full research profile

Dr Chika Watanabe

Research areas:

  • Development
  • Humanitarianism
  • NGOs
  • Questions of the secular, and relatedly, religion (especially in Asia)
  • Ethics and morality
  • Sustainability, the environment, disasters
  • Regional specialisation: Japan, Myanmar

See Chika's full research profile