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School of Social Sciences

Philosophy lecture at The University of Manchester
BASS Philosophy and Politics
A flexible degree which examines the relationship between ethics and politics.

BASS Philosophy and Politics / Careers

Year of entry: 2018

Career opportunities

The Philosophy and Politics - BA Social Sciences (BASS) course provides a wide variety of career opportunities in both the private and the public sectors.

We work closely with our students and the careers service to embed employability into the BASS programme through courses and offering social science specific careers and networking events.

Our BASS students can also apply for a valuable summer work placement in their second year through our Q-Step programme.

Where are our recent graduates now? (Source: DLHE)

  • Politics graduates: AXA, Barclays , Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Houses of Parliament, Ministry of Justice, United Nations, Centre for Social Justice and Google
  • Philosophy graduates: Manchester City Council, The University of Manchester, Royal Bank of Scotland, Palgrave MacMillan
  • Sociology graduates: British Council, NHS, Bury Council, Ministry of Justice, Capital One
  • Social Anthropology graduates: Royal Bank of Scotland, Department for Work and Pensions, Manchester City Council, Social Services, South Omo Research Centre
  • Philosophy and Politics graduates: Lloyds TSB, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, TeachFirst, Siemens

Did you know that among those in employment, seven out of ten social scientists are in 'professional' or 'associate professional and technical' occupations within three and a half years of graduating?

Find out why career-mined students are choosing the social sciences

Throughout your studies and after you graduate you will have to access our Careers Service , which can help you:

  • find summer internships or work experience;
  • apply for jobs and provide practice interviews;
  • access online and interactive services such as practice psychometric tests.

A favourite with employers, the University also organises careers fairs and events throughout the year to give you a chance to meet graduate recruiters.

You can improve your employability by choosing course units in Year 2 from: