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School of Social Sciences

Martin Larsson

Social Anthropology PhD

Why did you choose Manchester?

I chose Manchester because of the anthropological department’s excellent reputation.

Why did you decide to do a PhD?

I chose to do a PhD in Social Anthropology because of the explanatory strength of social processes that exists in the discipline.

What are the best things about your research programme?

I have the privilege of being supervised by two of the world-leading authorities in the field that I am interested in. They have given consistently excellent feedback during the whole program, and have invited me to participate in extracurricular activities which have significantly enhanced my analytical capacity.

Have you taken any courses that you’ve particular enjoyed? What made them stand out?

I took an excellent course about expert knowledge which opened up new ways to look at my research interests. Also the courses in methodology were very helpful as well.

What benefits do you think your research programme will bring once you leave Manchester?

The global recognition of Manchester opens up the doors to the whole world.

What other extracurricular activities or societies have you been involved in?

I have participated in a discussion group which focused on the work of Bruno Latour, and have been involved in the organisation of a workshop about anthropological fieldwork.

I have also taught, which has been a great experience, and it’s also added to the ways that I have framed my research.

Why should a prospective applicant choose Manchester?

The University offers an incredibly wide range of possibilities to engage in the topics that are of interest for your research.

The staff are very supportive, and always suggests new spaces to develop your research. In the case of Anthropology, it must be the most vibrant atmosphere there is in the UK at the moment, including the particular strength of Visual Anthropology.

Manchester as a city is charming and offers many opportunities. It is also a relatively economical place to live and it’s close to other interesting cities.