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School of Social Sciences

Gudrun Klein

Social Anthropology PhD

Gudrun Klein - PhD candidate, School of Social Sciences, The University of Manchester
Gudrun Klein has enjoyed the collegial environment and support from peers and the department.

Why did you choose Manchester?

I chose Manchester specifically because of my supervisor’s good reputation and that of the Anthropology Department at Manchester. 

Why did you choose a PhD in Anthropology?

My first degree and my master’s were in Anthropology and I wanted to deepen my knowledge and skills in this area.

What are the best things about your research programme?

It is meaningful. It challenges me. It allows me to go abroad for a year.

What in particular has stood out for you?

I am impressed by the very close supervision and extremely approachable staff.

What benefits do you think you’ll leave Manchester with?

Primarily the concept of networking and an understanding of how the whole system works. I also have a fuller understanding of what it takes to stand out from competition and the importance of rigorous monitoring.

Have you been involved in any extracurricular activities or societies?

  • Austrian African Student Association
  • Boxing Academy
  • Capoeira Academy
  • Gym

Why should a prospective applicant choose Manchester?

You’ll enjoy very good supervision, a collegial environment and support from peers and the department. The discipline area is well organised and not very hierarchical; many decisions are approached democratically and the working facilities and support with grant applications are great.