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School of Social Sciences

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PhD Social Anthropology with Visual Media
Gain additional skills in visual media during research which examines human life.

PhD Social Anthropology with Visual Media / Careers

Year of entry: 2018

Career opportunities

The great majority of graduates of the programme have gone on to academic posts involving an audiovisual dimension. Whilst a number of these have been in the UK, others have been further afield, in countries as diverse as China, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Estonia and Norway.  Visit our careers and employability page for a list of career destinations of our recent PhD graduates.

Although the programme offers training in ethnographic documentary film-making, a genre that has a direct relevance to a university career in social or cultural anthropology, it also equips students in a broad range of transferable skills that are applicable to a variety of careers. These include the development of team-working and presentational skills, as well as the interpersonal skills required to carry out ethnographic fieldwork and an awareness of the legal and ethical issues raised by this research activity.

The bonds established between students as a consequence of the collaborative teaching methods that are a feature of this programme are usually carried over into post-graduation life. Due to the international nature of the student body, these links reach all over the world.