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School of Social Sciences

Politics postgraduate student in the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons
MA Political Science - Philosophy and Political Theory
Learn to connect philosophical arguments to political situations.

MA Political Science - Philosophy and Political Theory / Course details

Year of entry: 2018

Course description

  • You are interested in politics and philosophy and the interactions between these disciplines
  • You want to learn in small, intensive, discussion-based seminar groups
  • You are interested in opportunities to connect abstract philosophical arguments to concrete political situations

This new pathway offers a specialisation in political theory, while also deepening your knowledge in other areas of philosophy. Students must have some Philosophy in their undergraduate degree. It is particularly suited for students from PPE, Philosophy and Law, or Philosophy and Politics undergraduate programmes. This is a course taught by both philosophy and politics discipline areas for high quality students tapping into the exceptionally large and talented group of staff who work in political theory and in philosophy at The University of Manchester. 

Contact: Dr Stephanie Collins

Tel: +44 (0)161 276 8028


Teaching and learning


Part-time students complete the full-time programme over two years.  There are NO evening or weekend course units available on the part-time programme.  

You must first check the schedule of the compulsory modules and then select your optional modules to suit your requirements.  

Updated timetable information will be available from mid-August and you will have the opportunity to discuss your module choices during induction week with your Course Director

Course unit details

Why is this course for me?

  • You don't want to pick between Politics and Philosophy.
  • You want to focus on analytic political theory -- issues of justice, rights, freedom, and equality -- while also sampling other philosophy courses -- on aesthetics, emotion, action, and science.
  • You want to learn in small, intensive, discussion-based seminar groups.

See 'files to download' tab for further information.

Course unit list

The course unit details given below are subject to change, and are the latest example of the curriculum available on this course of study.

TitleCodeCredit ratingMandatory/optional
Ethics PHIL60051 15 Optional
Metaphysics PHIL60061 15 Optional
Philosophy of Mind PHIL60072 15 Optional
Philosophy of Language PHIL60081 15 Optional
Thinking About Values in Aesthetics PHIL60282 15 Optional
Politics, Economics and Environment POEC61002 15 Optional
Governing in an Unjust World POLI60182 15 Optional
The Ethics Of Killing POLI60221 15 Optional
Dissertation Research Design POLI60312 15 Optional
Political Theory Research Training Seminar POLI70601 15 Optional
Debating Justice POLI70612 15 Optional
Theories of Rights POLI70722 15 Optional
Democracy: Theory & Practice POLI70871 15 Optional
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Disability support

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