Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE)

Follow these five steps to complete your course unit selection.

Step 1. Check your programme structure

It is your responsibility to ensure that your choice of course units meets your programme requirements.

For more information see your programme structure and programme specific information on Slack 

If you have any queries get in touch with your academic advisor or programme administrator:

We will also be sending information to your student email address.

Step 2. Do your research

Think carefully about your choices. Changing your mind later may mean you find it difficult to get on popular course units.

If you need additional information on a course unit:

  • Talk to your programme director.
  • Go to the course unit information portal for key information on each course unit including co/prerequisites, restrictions, and assessment. You can access the portal through My Manchester and your ‘My course’ tab. (Please note that 2021-21 course information will not appear until 1 July 2021).
  • Watch the course unit videos

Economics course units

Additional information on Economics course units for students progressing into level 2 and level 3.

University College for Interdisciplinary Learning (UCIL)

The University College presents an opportunity for students at The University of Manchester to broaden their educational horizons. It will offer courses that showcase the research and knowledge found at the University and encourage students to go beyond the boundaries of their degree programme. More information.

Step 3. Balance your workload

Do you have an appropriate balance between first and second-semester course units, ie a 60/60, 50/70 or 70/50 split? 

Step 4. Get it right

Before you make your final course unit selection ask yourself:

  • Do you need permission to enrol on the course unit? Read your programme structure carefully to see which course units you are allowed to select.
  • Do you have the appropriate co and/or pre-requisites for the courses you have chosen? Are there restrictions on the course unit or is it open to all students? Do your research and check the course unit information carefully. The information given will include which students the course unit is open to and will tell you if you have to do any other course units to qualify for the course.
  • Do you have a timetable clash? Check the timetables closely. You cannot select a course unit if it clashes with a course unit you are already enrolled on so make sure you check before you enrol.

Step 5. Do it early!

Now you have decided on your course units you need to complete online enrolment. 

Course unit selection must be completed by the 17 September 2021. Some course units fill up very quickly so enrol as soon as possible.

Course unit selection support

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