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Postgraduate fast track application process

Now that you have entered the final year of your undergraduate degree you may have started to think more about your future. Have you considered progressing to postgraduate study? 

A postgraduate qualification will broaden your knowledge of your subject, and give you a competitive edge over others in the job market. It may even help you to progress to a postgraduate research programme.

The fast track scheme enables you to apply for, and proceed, straight on to postgraduate master’s study – bypassing the traditional application process.

You are not required to submit references or transcripts.  All you need to do is email the relevant admissions contact confirming the name and code for your selected course, your full name and student ID number and we will guarantee you a conditional offer to study.

An alumni loyalty bursary of £3,000 is available to those students who achieve a first class honours degree at undergraduate level.

The new postgraduate loan and other funding options may also be available to you. For further information, please contact the admissions department in the relevant School of study.

Please contact: