Completed projects

A selection of our funded research projects from 2014 onwards. 

TitleUniversity of Manchester leadFunderEnd year
Youth extremisms: Understanding across ideological and religious contexts Hilary Pilkington ESRC 2018
Understanding everyday participation Andrew Miles  AHRC  2018
Place and belonging: What can we learn from the Claremont Court housing scheme? Vanessa May, Stephen Hicks, Camilla Lewis AHRC 2018

What drives successful organisational cultural change? Putting theory into practice and practice into theory

Colette Fagan  ESRC 2018 

Developing participatory approaches to care in deprived urban environments - Urban Villages

Chris Phillipson    2018 

Reframing the Left Behind: Ethnicity, Class and Nation in Post-Brexit Oldham

James Rhodes  British Academy  2018 
Collecting and analysing secondary covert social network data Martin Everett, Nick Crossley, Gemma Edwards  Leverhulme Trust   
Sketching research: Artist in residence collaboration between the Morgan Centre and Lynne Chapman Sue Heath Leverhulme Trust 2016
Living the weather Jennifer Mason Leverhulme Trust 2016
'Under the same roof' shared housing project  Sue Heath  ESRC  2015 
'Relative strangers': Donor conception in families  Carol Smart  ESRC  2014 
Undocumented migrants, ethnic enclaves and networks Alice Bloch ESRC 2014