Neta Yodovich

Neta is a Sociology PhD student from Israel whose research focuses on identity negotiation among feminist fans of Doctor Who and Star Wars.

On my research and choosing my PhD

Neta Yodovich, PhD Sociology

Neta Yodovich

PhD Sociology 

My research interests include gender, feminism, fandom, popular culture and reception studies. I wanted to be part of an established university, open to different ideas and research subjects.

As an international student, I was interested in studying abroad, meeting students from different countries and cultures and experiencing a diverse and prolific academic environment. I found all of that at The University of Manchester.

I am hoping to reach as many people with my research, and give my participants and other individuals for the community a platform to raise their voice. I hope that people who read my research will be able to identify and find themselves in it.

On my PhD highlights

The highlight of my PhD is that I’m constantly intellectually-stimulated thanks to meetings with my supervisors and taking part in workshops and seminars.

Neta Yodovich

On the greatest challenge

This is not entirely related to my research per se, but being away from home, new and alone in a foreign country was the biggest challenge I have faced so far.

It is also really challenging to have a clear research aim and build a conceptual framework.

On training and development opportunities

I have been a student representative for two years now, and also took part in two Postgraduate Research conferences (this year I am on the chair committee).

I’ve also taken part in various seminars and workshops such as “making good progress in your PhD”, “Sensory Methods”, “Object Solicitation” and more. I feel these workshops introduced me to new methodologies and approaches to research I haven’t considered in the past.

“Everyone here is very open-minded and diverse, you can always find your place and people who share similar interests.”

On living and studying in Manchester

The best thing is that everyone in the department and outside of it is very open-minded and diverse; you can always find your place and people who share similar interests.

I feel fairly involved in student life; I take part in departmental events, such as Christmas drinks. Every now and then I join day trips organised by the International Society. I am also a part of a feminist science fiction reading group with PhD students from other departments.

British culture is very different than my own, and it definitely took a while to get used to (I still struggle sometimes), the weather in Manchester is also very different than what I am used to but I have met people from so many different countries thanks to my degree and living in Manchester and I am very thankful for that experience.

On tips for future students

I think the best tip I can give to someone is that what worked for me, might not work for you, and things that didn’t work for me, might work for you. I received many tips and recommendations regarding accommodation, potential supervisors, what to expect in terms of expenses, etc – some of them ended up being very helpful, others were not. So, be open to receive advice and do your homework before starting your PhD and moving to a new city, but also trust your gut and know your own preferences.

Be patient. Any kind of new beginning is tough. It will take time until you find your place and feel comfortable. Remember that everyone is going through the same thing – you are not alone.

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