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Ghalia Sarmani

Thesis working title - 'The Role of Religious Institutions in Constructing Minorities’ Religious Identity: Muslim Minorities in non-Muslim Society. Case Study of The Manchester Islamic Centre'.


The presence of a significant number of Muslim communities and the way members of those communities construct their religious identity in a non-Muslim society needs to be evaluated via different types of researches.

The issue of identity formation and the process of identity construction have become increasingly significant in a world as globalized yet diversified as it is today.

Caught in the contradictory flux of homogenization and increasing diversity and heterogeneity whether or not Muslim minorities make a conscious effort to understand and manage their situation, the process of identity construction and maintenance goes on vigorously within those communities.

Therefore the present study tries to examine the role of Islamic religious institutions - mosque in constructing the religious identity of Muslim minorities in Britain.


Research interests

My primary research interest lies in

  • Culture
  • Religious identity
  • Muslims Minority
  • Ethnicity
  • Diaspora
  • Racism
  • British Converts to Islam


'Mosque a Place for Research Manchester Islamic Centre as a Case study', Embedded Research Conference, 20th June 2012, University of Manchester.

'The Role of Religious Institutions in Constructing Religious Identity', Creative Intentions Conference, 25 June 2013, University of Manchester.

'Let’s Discover Islam', Multi faith assembly at Eccles College, 16 November


2006 – 2007: MA in Sociology (Merit). The University of Manchester, UK

2004 – 2003: Post-Graduate Diploma in Sociology - Very Good (78.50%).  School of Humanity, The University of Damascus, Syria

2001 – 2002: Post-Graduate Diploma in Demography - Very Good (78.40%). School of Economic and Trade, The University of Aleppo, Syria

1995- 2000: BA in Sociology - Very Good (77.73%). School of Humanity, The University of Aleppo, Syria


I am running seminars for:

  • SOCY20961 Racism and Ethnicity in the UK (2nd yr UG)
  • SOCY 10472 Sociology of Personal Life
  • SOCY 10912 Work, Organisations and Society
  • SOCY20402 Self and Society
  • SOCY10441 Media, Culture & Society

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