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Rashida Bibi

Thesis title - ‘‘Under the Umbrella of Grand Narratives’: Researching everyday interactions of the ‘overdetermined’ British South Asian (BSA) Muslim woman’.

The aims of this research are to engage with BSA Muslim women who are over represented as voiceless victims of an oppressive patriarchal culture/religion. In presenting their everyday lived experiences as BSA Muslim women in a community described as economically and socially deprived, it is the purpose of this research to provide a holistic, individualised and contextual account of Muslim women in 21st century Britain.

It poses the following questions amongst others; how does examining the everyday lived experiences of BSA Muslim women provide a more nuanced, complex account of Muslim women? How are BSA Muslim women’s lives shaped by intersections of social categories such as race, ethnicity, gender, class and religion? How do BSA Muslim women negotiate/manage/resist varying aspects of their multiple identities across different settings? Are certain aspects of identities expressed/repressed within different institutional engagements such as home, education, employment? 


  • Dr Virinder Kalra
  • Dr James Rhodes

Research interests

Post colonialism, higher education, citizenship, employment and education of BSA Muslim women.


(2012-14) Masters by Research (MRes), University of Huddersfield: Thesis entitled: ‘Mussafirs of the 21st Century: British South Asian Muslim Women, higher education and changing notions of Britishness’.

BA (Hons) (First class) Humanities, University of Huddersfield: Interdisciplinary approach to Sociology, History, English Literature & Politics.


(2014) BSA Annual Conference, Leeds.

(2014) University of Huddersfield,  Citizenship in the 21st Century: Sociological, Political and Cultural Perspectives – ‘South Asian Muslim women in 21st Century Britain: Changing Attitudes towards Britishness and Higher Education’.

Scholarships, awards and prizes

(2014) PhD Studentship from School of Social Sciences, The University of Manchester. 

(2013) Fee waiver bursary for Masters from University of Huddersfield Human and Health Sciences.

(2013) English Literature Prize for dissertation entitled ‘‘Delectable detectives, dangerous dames, and the ‘other’: portrayals of and threats to white masculinity in classic and contemporary film noir.’

Academic service

(2016) Race and ethnicity discussion forum- helped begin and facilitate a discussion group for discussions around race and ethnicity in HE institutions and beyond.

(2015) Creative Intentions conference- Helping to organise PhD student led Postgraduate conference.

(2014) Transculturalism and Diversity Research Group- helped established student led research group which organised and participated in a national conference.

Conference presentations

BSA Annual Conference, Leeds (2014)

University of Huddersfield, Citizenship in the 21st Century: Sociological, Political and Cultural Perspectives (2014) – ‘South Asian Muslim women in 21st Century Britain: Changing Attitudes towards Britishness and Higher Education’

(2015) Uni of Manchester- Invited speaker: Re-appropriating Value(s) in Higher Education conference- ‘‘…I understand how the world works much better’… BSA Muslim women and experiences of HE.

(2015) University of Sheffield- Critical Race and Ethnicities Network Annual Conference- ‘Wherein the women?’- gendered notions of citizenship, British South Asian (BSA) Muslim women and a case for the extraordinary…’.

(2015) NYC, New York-Journal of Intercultural Studies Inaugural Conference- "'Privately Articulated, Publicly Contested- considering experiences of multi-layered citizenship for British Muslim women".

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