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Georgia Hibbert

Thesis title - 'The relational and moral aspects involved in social egg freezing'

Academic supervisors

  • Vanessa May
  • Petra Nordqvist

Project overview

Social egg freezing has proven to be very topical in recent years – and more so due to large companies such as Apple and Facebook including the procedure on health insurance plans for their female employees. Although the number of women who are freezing their eggs in the United Kingdom is rising year-on-year, there is a lack of in-depth research investigating women’s experiences, and how they negotiate their decisions to undergo the procedure.

I aim to address this issue by conducting qualitative interviews with women who have frozen their eggs for non-medical reasons, focusing on the relational nature of decision-making in terms of wider family and partner relationships, as well as the moral dimensions embedded in these decisions.


  • MSc Sociological Research – The University of Manchester
  • BA (Hons) (First Class) History and Sociology – The University of Manchester

Teaching experience

  • The Sociology of Personal Life – SOCY10471

Scholarships, awards and prizes

  • (2017-2020) ESRC North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership +3 studentship
  • (2016) Manchester Alumni Scholarship

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