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Dorottya Hoór

Thesis title: "Reconceptualising Return Migration: A study of the personal networks of Hungarian return migrants"


  • Dr Elisa Bellotti
  • Prof Alice Bloch


BA in Economics (with Distinction), University of Glasgow

MA in Sociology and Social Anthropology (with Distinction), Central European University. Thesis title: “A Friend in Need..” – A study of the personal networks and the subjective well-being of high and low status migrants in Budapest

PhD research

My PhD project looks at the return experience and reintegration of Hungarian return migrants who decided to move back after a period of living abroad. More specifically, I investigate how their social ties and the social network structures in which they are embedded shape their reintegration process and overall return experience. In doing so, I employ mixed methodological tools, including social network analysis, survey research and interviews.

Research interests

Accordingly, my main research interests entail Social Network Analysis, Migration Studies and Mixed Methods research. However, coming from a disciplinary diverse background I am also interested in Economics and Psychology, especially the encounter of the two, and the broader field of Economic Sociology. 

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