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Daryl Sweet

Thesis working title - ‘Using social network analysis as a framework for understanding social factors in recovery from mental illness’.


Building on data from the NIHR funded “Improving Community Health Networks for people with Severe Mental Illness: A case study investigation” my PhD will use multi level social network data to explore how connections to other people, places and activities provide unique insights to our understanding of social factors impacting on recovery from mental ill-health. I will work to strengthen the conceptual basis for the community health network approach, exploring how individual agency interacts with structural (network) determinants of access to social capital, connection to the community (social inclusion), and the building of new social identities. In addition to performing additional analysis on the CHN study data, I will conduct a number of systematic reviews on the topic and collect further data to answer questions raised from the previous study. One of my primary overarching aims will be to critically appraise the value of using social network analysis to map egocentric networks in this population and the potential clinical benefits of doing so.

Academic supervisors

Planned submission date

September 2016

Research interests

Sociology of mental health, social psychology, social network analysis, social identity theory, mixed methods research

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