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Chung Yan Priscilla Kam

Thesis working title - ‘The dynamics of national identity construction in postcolonial Hong Kong’.

Academic supervisors

PhD research

Since 28 September 2014 to current, Hong Kong is faced with one of the biggest challenges to the SAR (Special Administrative Region) governance and social solidarity after the handover in 1997, manifested by the ongoing Umbrella Movement. Some say that it is a student-led pro-democracy movement similar to the Tiananmen Square protests in China on 4 June 1989. Some see it as class antagonism due to the capitalist nature of Hong Kong (Ultra, 2014).

Different social positions represented by various social actors, such as political parties, the ruling class, intellectuals, activist groups, students and civilians constituted a dynamic movement and an unsettled identity formation. Although the occupation phase ends, this movement affects every individual in Hong Kong society, be they voluntary or involuntary, to reflect on their identities and aspired development of this city-state. In addition, Hongkongers will continue to struggle with how ‘One Country, Two Systems’ operates in the special relation between Hong Kong and China.

My research attempts to understand the current phase of identity construction and its significance in the social and political context of post-colonial Hong Kong.  


  • BA (Hons) Social Work, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • MA Sociology, The University of Manchester

Research interests

  • Nationalism
  • Civil society
  • Social Movements
  • Post-colonialism


Kam, C. Y. P. (2014) ‘The Umbrella Movement: a leaderless movement supported by citizens’ umbrellas’, movements@manchester, The University of Manchester, 13 October 2014. 

Scholarship and grants

  • President’s Doctoral Scholar Award
  • The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship (2005-2008)

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