Central and local government

Graduates from the MSc in Social Research Methods and Statistics (SMRS) explain how the course has helped them pursue careers in government.

As part of a 1+3 ESRC funded PhD program, I completed the SRMS MSc. I am now a Research Associate, pursuing my research interests in health and ethnic inequalities while finishing my PhD. The MSc helped me develop my critical and technical research skills, as well as providing a general foundation in the competencies required to conduct meaningful social research in an appropriate way. Building on the skills and contacts I developed during the MSc, I was able to carry out contract work for a government body and a leading charity while undertaking my PhD.

H / MSc Alumni

I completed the SRMS MSc and then I went on to complete a PhD in Social Statistics funded by the ESRC. I am now working at the Department for Education, working on national cohort studies and researching a range of topics pertinent to education policy. The MSc was invaluable to my development as a social researcher, providing me with the theoretical knowledge and applied experience that informs my work on a daily basis.

D / MSc Alumni

I am now working as a research associate at University College London, researching public health interventions. I completed the SRMS MSc and then a PhD funded by the ESRC in administrative data research. The MSc gave me very strong foundations in social science and epidemiological research methods which I use every single day to design research in my job, whether for drafting statistical analysis plans or designing mixed-methods intervention evaluation project. My time in the Department of Social Statistics at the University gave me a real boost, and I found the academic staff incredibly supportive and encouraging.

P / MSc Alumni