Graduates from the MSc in Social Research Methods and Statistics (SMRS) explain how the course has helped them pursue careers in the charity sector.

After finishing my undergraduate degree in Sociology, I wanted to develop my quantitative research skills and improve my knowledge of statistics. The SRMS MSc course allowed me to do this and was the perfect way for me to receive training in how to use relevant statistical software packages that would be marketable for research jobs. Because of the skills and methodologies learned from this course, I was able to secure my first research job after completing the MSc. I now work as a research assistant at the Medical Research Council (Social and Public Health Sciences Unit). I have been able to directly apply the statistical methods and skills I learned during this course to the data analysis that I am working on now.

SRMS MSc graduate / School of Social Sciences

I was awarded a PRIZE scholarship to complete the SRMS MSc course at CMIST prior to embarking on an ESRC funded PhD. The course equipped me with many skills needed to become a researcher and its demands, in particular, it introduced me to both the theory and applied quantitative and qualitative practical aspects of social science, which I believe I have transferred into the workplace. I am now a Senior Intelligence Officer at the North West Cancer Intelligence Service, Christie Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust, continuing my research interests developed during my studies.

Prize scholar and SRMS MSc Graduate / School of Social Sciences

I enjoyed the SRMS MSc course very much. What I liked most about the course and what made it unique in my view, was its practical sessions and the tutorials. The lecturers did their best to accommodate everybody's needs, as the course attracts people from a wide range of disciplines. Finally the weekly seminars were really valuable as you could see the skills you had learnt used in real contexts. I am now working in a national UK charity.

SRMS MSc Graduate / School of Social Sciences