Academic sector

Graduates from the MSc in Social Research Methods and Statistics (SMRS) explain how the course has helped them pursue careers in the academic sector.

"I took the SRMS MSc course to increase my knowledge about social statistics and answer doubts that I couldn’t solve with my undergraduate knowledge as a sociologist. My experience in the program was excellent. Along with improving my skills in quantitative data analysis and advanced survey methods, the program opened my mind to a more advanced statistics knowledge. Once the program ended, I returned to my country [Chile] and now I am working on a research centre on education from a prestigious university, as a research assistant."

PC / MSc alumni

"Since graduating from CMIST with an MSc in SRMS, I've worked in the university sector, the private sector and am now studying a PhD. Studying at CMIST provided me with a useful qualification that has been recognised by employers, but has also equipped me with a solid foundation of knowledge regarding questionnaire design, and data handling and analysis skills that I've been able to use in different job roles. Finally, I have found it to be a useful preparation for further study, something I had not really considered doing prior to studying at CMIST."

TC / PhD student

"I completed the SRMS MSc course as part of an ESRC funded 1+3 PhD programme at CMIST. I am now a Research Associate at the Personal Social Services Research Unit in the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences. Owing to my focus on advanced survey methodology and statistics, the MSc course not only equipped me with the skills I needed to complete the PhD but also opened up employment opportunities in a variety of social research areas and indeed related fields."

CB / Research Associate

"I returned to academic study having spent several years practising as a solicitor. I completed the SRMS MSc course at CMIST as an ESRC 1 + 3 funded student. I already possessed qualitative research methods knowledge and experience, so I completed the course to gain quantitative research methods training. Since then I have developed a mixed methods approach to socio-legal research which informs my work as a lecturer at Salford University."

KM / MSc alumni

"Prior to embarking on an ESRC-funded PhD at Manchester I completed the SRMS MSc course at CMIST. The course involved challenging and rigorous training in quantitative data analysis and advanced survey methods which I put to use in my doctoral research. I am now a Lecturer in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of York where I continue to benefit from the statistical skills developed in CMIST."

PW / PhD alumni