Paula Clasing

Research Assistant, CEPPE-P

MSc Social Research Methods and Statistics (2012)

I entered the MSc course to increase my knowledge about social statistics and answer doubts that I couldn’t solve with my undergraduate knowledge as a sociologist.

My experience in the program was excellent. Along with improving my skills in quantitative data analysis and advanced survey methods, the program opened my mind to a more advanced statistic knowledge.

On the other hand, the program also helps me to improve my skills to write academic essays and to make oral presentations of my work. 

Once the program ended, I returned to my country and now I am working in a research centre on education for a prestigious university, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, as a research assistant.

My main responsibilities here are to coordinate different social studies related to the topic of higher education and to design and conduct quantitative or qualitative researches on this topic.

In this context, what I learnt in the SRMS program has been useful in order to face this kind of research with more analytic tools and also to be able to understand and talk ‘in the same language’ to other researchers in the social statistic area.

I would encourage people who would like to pursue a social research career to take this program as it opens a new world of methods and types of analysis to confront different kinds of social problems.