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Social Anthropology

Study abroad for a full year

Follow these steps if you would like to apply for a year-long exchange.

Key dates

  • Apply in Year Two
  • Application deadlines: Confirm your module selection with your Academic Exchange Advisor by 1 December 2017 at the latest. Apply on-line through MyPlacement ( by 6 December 2017.

Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

For support and advice on your module selection contact your Social Anthropology Academic Exchange Advisor (AEA).

Step-by-step process

Step 1

Attend the Study Abroad Meeting for second-year Social Anthropology students in October 2017 and find out about our host universities and about the application process.

Step 2

Drop in at the Study Abroad Fair (usually in November), speak to Manchester students who have been on exchange, others who came to Manchester on exchange, and to staff from the International Programmes Office in the Atrium (University Place). Explore the Go Abroad website.

Step 3 Throughout November / December

Attend one of the compulsory information sessions. This is the only way for you to be given access to the on-line application process on MyPlacement. At the sessions you will also get information about the application process, housing, visas, finance, etc.

Information about the sessions can be found on the IPO's Go Abroad website.

Step 4

By early November, email the Social Anthropology AEA of your intention to apply for a Full Year Exchange.

Include your full name and student number. If you have any ideas about which universities you would most like to apply for, include these too. You can find information on preferred partner universities for Social Anthropology on MyPlacement.

Step 5

By mid-November, email the Social Anthropology AEA (or drop by during office hours) and include:

  • evidence that you have visited potential host universities' websites and researched their offer of relevant modules;
  • an explanation why you should be considered a suitable candidate;
  • a ranked list of your chosen universities.

At this stage in the process you will need to:

  • research the websites of potential host universities;
  • draw up a ranked list of modules for each university you would like to apply to, including a few reserve ones. NB See below for documents to guide you in this process.

Remember to:

  • check that your chosen modules are running in the year and semesters you are applying for;
  • select modules at the appropriate level, which are open to exchange students or students without prerequisites;
  • only list universities from which you would accept an offer;
  • refer to the guidance notes provided by the International Programmes Office and consult their expert staff.

The Social Anthropology AEA will check through your proposed modules and request all necessary changes until your selection can be approved.

Remember: your module selection must have been approved by the AEA at the latest by 1 December 2017, and your on-line application through MyPlacement (including a personal statement explaining why you wish to participate in the programme) must be submitted by 6 December 2017.

Step 6

The IPO will let you know the outcome of the selection and which host university you will be nominated for. Criteria include:

  • your Year One marks (an average of at least 63% in Year 1 and year 2 is required)
  • your personal statement.

Step 7

If successful, you will be officially nominated to the host university. This sets in motion the host university’s online application process, for which you will need to draw up a study plan that needs to be approved by your AEA in Manchester.