Claire Moran

Social Anthropology MA

Why did you choose Manchester?

Because the course I'm on looked so great. Manchester is a well-regarded university and that also appealed.

Why did you pick your course?

I've always wanted to do anthropology; it's the perfect mix of ideas and practice. It combines a lot of my interests, from geography and psychology to religion and politics.

What are the best things about your degree?

The range of topics we get to learn about. Also the way it's taught, there's a way of thinking in Anthropology that is pleasingly hard to pin down but also somehow really specific to the subject.

Are there any modules that you’ve particularly enjoyed? What made them stand out?

I loved Science, Magic and Expertise. We had a great lecturer, Penny Harvey, who had a great way of delivering complicated ideas, with a sort of raconteur-meets-mad-scientist-style, but all wrapped up in a warm and approachable manner. 

The stuff I learned on that course has genuinely changed the way I think.

What benefits do you think your course will bring to you on graduation?

I'm hoping to do a PhD afterwards. It’s prepared me well for that.

Why should a prospective applicant choose Manchester?

It's a great city, and the University is in a cool bit of town, but really you should choose Social Anthropology at Manchester because of the course content.

In order to pick the master’s that’s right for you, you should research what the course has to offer and make sure that it’s right for you. Don’t forget to and compare it with other courses around.