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Social Anthropology

Vlad Schuler Costa

Thesis title

Science after humans: an ethnography of a “science automation lab”

Research project

My research focuses on the production of scientific knowledge and the quotidian practices of science within a laboratory dedicated to “science automation” in one of the UK’s biggest universities. As such, I aim to investigate the processes of automation – both robotic and computational –, as well as how the researchers decide and prioritise what can and should be automated, by which means they manage to automate particular tasks, and how they deal with the uncertainties related to this endeavour.

Research interests

  • Anthropology of Science and Technology
  • Anthropology of Knowledge
  • Anthropology of Technique
  • Social Studies of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Algorithms and Code
  • Mathematical and Computational Methods in Anthropology


  • Prof Penny Harvey
  • Prof Jeanette Edwards


2015-Present: PhD Social Anthropology, University of Manchester

2013-2015: MA Social Anthropology, Museu Nacional/UFRJ – Brazil

2008-2012: BA Social Sciences, Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo – Brazil

Selected writings

2016. On Conducting Ethnography in Twitter. Published on Medium.

2015. “Mais do que fãs”: o universo da crítica de animê e mangá na Internet [“More than fans”: the universe of anime and manga criticism on the Internet]. Master Thesis.

2014. Mai Waifu: relacionamentos “reais” com personagens “fictícias” [Mai Waifu: “real” relationships with “fictional” characters]. Seminário dos Alunos – PPGAS.

2014. O being e o becoming otaku: trajetórias e carreiras de fãs de animê e mangá [The being and becoming otaku: trajectories and careers of anime and manga fans]. Simbiótica, 6, 48-62.

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