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Social Anthropology

Pedro Silva Rocha Lima

PhD Thesis Title: The ICRC in Brazil: Humanitarianism in Negotiation

Research project

My research is currently concerned with the International Committee of the Red Cross' (ICRC) Safer Access (SA) program in Brazil. SA’s aim is to facilitate access to public education and health care in favelas, by instructing health care and school staff, as well as pupils, on how to behave during events of armed violence. This is a peculiar development for global humanitarianism, which has traditionally been concerned with settings of “war”, where it operates to provide emergency medical assistance to populations in need. Thus, at issue here are the limits of global humanitarianism as we know it: what happens when it is deployed in places of ongoing, everyday urban violence rather than sites of (perceived) momentary crisis? In this project, I investigate how the ICRC’s expertise interacts with understandings of violence among state actors, public education and health care staff, and favela residents to produce emerging forms of governance in Brazilian favelas

Research interests

  • Anthropology of humanitarianism
  • Violence
  • Anthropology of experts and expertise
  • Urban anthropology
  • Favelas


  • Dr Chika Watanabe
  • Dr Angela Torresan


2018-ongoing: PhD Social Anthropology, University of Manchester

2013-2015: Master in International Affairs, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva

2010-2014: MA with Honours in International Relations, University of Edinburgh

Selected publications

Andjelka Pantovic and Pedro Silva Rocha Lima (December, 2015) The physical safety of healthcare facilities: how ICRC recommendations proposed for conflict and other emergencies can be useful in peacetime. IHEID



Twitter: @pedrosrlima