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Social Anthropology

Juan Manuel del Nido

Thesis title

Taxis porteños: urban charisma and the Argentine

Project description

My research looks at the ways in which Buenos Aires’ taxi drivers inform particular imageries of charisma and performativity in the city as well as the political economy that constitutes taxiing as a form of urban labour, as a form and means of socialisation and as a form of cultural capital.  It engages with the (re) constitution of public/private boundaries, understandings of freedom and infrapower and organised labour; via the sudden appearance of UBER in the landscape of Buenos Aires, it addresses issues of contemporary sovereignty, legality and jurisdictions, as well as understandings of modernity and neoliberal subjects. 

Research interests 

  • Economic anthropology
  • Political anthropology
  • Anthropology of labour
  • Peronism
  • Sovereignty
  • The Southern Cone
  • Nationalism
  • Anthropology of law and justice


  • Bachelor in Economics, Magna cum Laude, Universidad del CEMA, 2009
  • MSc in Social Anthropology (Distinction), University of Edinburgh, 2012
  • PhD Candidate in Social Anthropology, University of Manchester, 2018 (est) 

Selected publications

  • del Nido, J.M. 'A Bazaar of Memories: The Gdansk Shipyards', New Eastern Europe, July-August 2014, N° 3(XII)/2014.
  • del Nido, J.M. ‘No alarguemos la eternidadLa Nación, 29 July 2013;  

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