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Social Anthropology

Alexander Parkinson

Thesis title

Anthropology and Financial Value: assemblages of investment practice

PhD research

My goal is to undertake fieldwork with an investment agency in one of the world’s main financial centres. I hope to secure a role working with at least one company to document the different dimensions of investment practice and to understand how the relations and interactions there shape the pursuit of financial value.


  • Prof Karen Sykes
  • Dr Keir Martin

Research interests

Anthropology of finance and financial practice; economic anthropology; business anthropology; economic and financial history; political economy of finance and markets; pragmatics; substantivism; anthropology of value.

Education and career history

  • BA Corporate Communication 2006
  • MA Social Anthropology 2010
  • MA Anthropological Research 2012
  • During the years in-between, I worked as a qualified stockbroker at two retail stockbroking firms in Manchester

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