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Social Anthropology

Jess O'Keeffe

When I decided to do anthropology after school all I knew was that I was interested in people, and the world, and wanted an excuse to explore this further.

What it has done for me is more than I ever expected.

After completing a BSocSc in Social Anthropology, I went on to do an MA in Visual Anthropology. This lead me rapidly into working for Marc Isaacs, a documentary film maker, conducting research for some fascinating documentaries for the BBC. For example, one about British National Party supporters in Barking and Dagenham, All White in Barking.

I have since moved away from film but am still using the research skills I have developed every day. In my current role of Ethnographic Researcher at thinkpublic. I use anthropology-influenced approaches to help local authorities gain a deeper understanding of their residents, to enable them to make more effective strategy decisions.

Studying anthropology has opened many doors to fascinating experiences, and has indeed allowed me to indulge my insatiable appetite for learning about people. But just as importantly, I made some of my best friends on the course who are still a big part of my life now. I couldn't recommend it more.