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Social Anthropology

Emily Miller

Social Anthropology was everything I wanted from a degree and more.

I had the opportunity to study so many fascinating things during my degree - it altered my perspective of the world and helped me to question everything!

I did lots of work with young people before and during my degree so when, in my final year, I came across the education charity TeachFirst and jumped at the opportunity to teach Citizenship (many of the same topics as Anthropology) in a challenging Manchester school for two years.

It was hard work but a good experience. I then moved to London where I coordinated a philanthropy competition to encourage secondary school pupils to give back to their communities which was a great job and a good next-step after teaching.

More recently, I have walked a 700km pilgrimage in Europe, worked for different charities and am currently living and working in Colombia.

For the summer I will be in the USA as a leader on conflict resolution camps for teenagers from countries in the Middle East and in September I plan to return to University to do an MA in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies with a view to taking my career in that direction.