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School of Social Sciences

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Global inequalities

Find out about how the University is focusing on all aspects of inequality, from poverty to social justice, from living conditions to equality in the workplace.

Global Inequalities Research Beacon (2015) 

Featured projects within the School

Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity

Research on ethnic inequalities under the auspices of the ESRC Research Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) aims to:

  • transform understandings of the contemporary patterning of ethnic inequalities;
  • investigate how this relates to the ways in which ethnic identities are perceived, acted upon and experienced;
  • provide the knowledge and tools to enhance policy and public capacity to engage in this area.

Understanding Institutional Change

The project Understanding Institutional Change: A gender perspective, funded by the European Research Council aims to improve our understanding of the gender dynamics of institutional change and reform across the globe. 

Research impact case studies

There have been big changes in recent years in the position of women. But many institutions – such as the judiciary, parliaments and governments - are still male dominated, despite efforts to change this situation. This research will examine some of these efforts to change institutions and will try to explain their outcomes.

Prof Georgina Waylen / project PI