Support for researchers

We have a generous range of mechanisms and schemes to support out researchers.

Benefits for our researchers include: 

  • an annual personal research support allowance;
  • dedicated funding from the School for small grants, social responsibility and community engagement projects;
  • a dedicated policy for Research Contract Staff assures mentoring, training and annual P&DR processes for research staff (including a career development allowance);
  • a formal School system for peer review of grant applications;
  • regular mentoring, reduced teaching and administration for early-career staff;
  • Performance and Development Reviews (PDRs) available for all staff to enhance career development;
  • university training provision covering a range of skills, such as project management and research methods, supported by methods@manchester and the University of Manchester Library. All new academic staff are required to complete a HEA-accredited New Academics and Fellows Programme;
  • a School policy of teaching reduction for major leadership roles within the School, to allow leaders to remain research active;
  • a ‘caring costs fund’ enables all academic staff (including fixed-term staff) and PGRs to receive funding for care for children and other dependents whilst away from home outside working hours (e.g. attending a conference);
  • the opportunity to apply for one-year sabbatical leave once every seven years, available for all staff including fixed-term and part-time staff;
  • the School looks favourably on requests for additional travel costs for staff with disabilities and long-term health conditions (e.g. subsidising the cost of upgrades for long-haul flights to facilitate international conference attendance).